The best chance fell to Torregrossa in the final, but the striker is a goal to eat alone with Paleari.

And ’94-95 to 43′, and Artis Blackmon are two triples: 100-95 45 «from the end. Wilson is 2/3 to free (100-97), Carr missed from outside and Blackmon gets the 5 (102-97) from the line 10 «of the shower. Poet goes 1/2 from the line and takes the ball Pesaro. From circle red 17 red and white recoveries as well as 21 rebounds Mockevicius, Torino lost despite a better evaluation (109-106).

After the break the defense of Vuelle got the better: you need to point to save themselves. Pesaro: Blackmon 33, McCree 28, 20. Fiat Artis: Moore 30, Wilson 23, 11. Camilla Carr Cataldo

January 25, 2019 — Milan Lindsey Vonn Even in Garmisch changes the timing of the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup. The difficult weather conditions have prompted the organizers to anticipate the women’s Super G on Saturday, January 26, starting at 10 am, while the downhill slide to Sunday 27 and will begin at 11.30.

Previously already in Kitzbühel had been modified the program, again because of bad weather. testing — The Austrian Mityam Puchner in 1:40:22 was the fastest in the second training run in Garmisch-Partenkirchen Cup downhill of the world. Followed by the Swiss Corrine Suter in 1:40:30 and the other Austrian Ramona Siebenhofer in 1:40:47. Still a good test for the blue sofia goggia even better today with the Italian seventh fastest in 1.40.77.

Definitely more back for Italy then there are the order Federica Brignone, Nicole Delago, Francesca Marsaglia, Nadia Fanchini, Nadia and Martha Delago Bassino. Even today, he did not participate in testing the American Lindsey Vonn and therefore does not compete ‘in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: it needs more time to recover physically after the painful resentment knee shown in Cortina d’Ampezzo. The schedule of races in the German town has been modified to weather reasons: tomorrow’s Super G and downhill Sunday. Gasport

March 2, 2019 — Milan The exultation of Palermo. Getty The B-Series, now in its 27th day, back in action after Friday’s advance which saw the victory of Foggia (1-0) on Cosenza. The leaders Brescia lost after 13 useful results: the Citadel was fatal. From the other two fields (Carpi-Padova and Ascoli-Crotone) arrive two draws.

In the battle of the 18th, the Palermo win against Lecce and leverages k.o. of Brescia. PALERMO-LECCE 2-1 — The Palermo takes advantage of the defeat of Brescia against the Citadel and made up to -2 (with a game in hand) out of first place. The hosts unlock the game at 4 ‘: diagonal from the edge Trajkovski you, Vigorito does not get it.

After a great start of rosanero, from fifteen starts the Lecce game, which begins to be seen urgently by the parties of Brignoli and attack en masse. It begins the performance show of the goalkeeper who, after a series of good speeches in the final save of Falco and especially La Mantia: miracle ball on the pole. How to start playing, start shooting are the hosts to become more dangerous: of Trajkovski diagonal ball wide.

And after another miracle of Brignoli on La Mantia, the 52 ‘comes the blow for guests: Puscas Meccariello and jumps right beats Vigorito. The Lecce reopens the game too late: at 93 ‘of Europol Tabanelli, that with the right-footed volley sends the ball under the cross. BRESCIA-CITADEL 0-1 — He had never fallen into the house and had not lost away from Venice on 24 November the team Corini. What you must bow to a Citadel that with large often brings.

Good game, especially in the first half, with a lot of emotion and reversals in the face. Start better Citadel that goes close to scoring with Branca. At 12 ‘Venetian lead with Finotto which collects short rejected Alfonso, after a huge play on the left of Schenetti. That 37 ‘nearly doubling: great left, but Alfonso is great to reject the conclusion.

In the second half Brescia pressed but could not find the equalizer. The best chance fell to Torregrossa in the final, but the striker is a goal to eat alone with Paleari. The exultation of the Citadel.

Lapresse CARPI-Ascoli 1-1 — enjoyable game that ends in a draw that will satisfy the most Ascoli. At 42 ‘of the first half Ngombo lead as the Marches with a touch under after a beautiful Beretta assists. A recovery began soon equalized the Carpi, thanks to a deflection in front of goal for Poli, after a free kick from the left Jelenic. At 50 ‘Ngombo sends the ball to the stars face to face with Piscitelli. The Carpi protest for a regular goal canceled (for non-existent offside) to Arriola.

That 95 ‘sends to the stars of the victory ball to the corner from Milinkovic. PADUA-Crotone 0-0 — Draw nailing Padua always at the bottom of the standings 1xbet options, while Crotone brings home another useful result after the surprise victory over Palermo. In the first half the Venetians waste to 16 ‘with Cappelletti face to face with Cordaz. The Croton responds four minutes later but he’s good Minelli first of Rohden and then Barberis.

In the second half, after six minutes, Mbakogu becomes hypnotized by Cordaz. From 57 ‘Crotone in ten for the expulsion of Sampirisi. The best chance of the game happens on Coconut head in the final, but the striker we eat a goal already very close to Cordaz. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV Gasport

December 8, 2018 — TURIN Jamil Wilson, 28, in action in the victory of Turin of Trento. Ciamillo Turin Trento 86-84 — Fiat Torino back to win, beating Trento to PalaVela in anticipation of the ninth day. At PalaVela echoing the roar of the fans of Trent (the ultras Torino come midway through the second half in protest), but the Fiat strongest part: Cusin and put Carr scored the first part, with the yellow and blue now to +7 ( 9-2).

Guests rely on the counter-Hogue which alone, shortens the distance Trento bringing into contact (9-8). the first advantage Juventus came shortly after with a triple from Marble (9-11), but Torino reacts well and thanks to an excellent McAdoo — in the field from injury to a month — and early points Hobson found the advantage (18- 15). On still Hobson final: its triple at the end marks the +8 after 10 ‘. In the second fraction Trento test now to fill the gap, finding a good precision by the arc, with Gomes and Marble that shorten up to -2 (25-23).

Turin responds to outbursts of Trento and driven by Carr and Wilson also try to escape (39-31), but guests can always return to the surface, up to 43-42, sealed by bomb Gomes, which closes the first half. In the second half Trento is the advantage after 60 », Torino responds with Wilson, but the Trentini have a step ahead and stretch up to +6 (45-51).

Coach Brown called time out and exit from the benches, gialloblù begin to battle blow by blow, with the game that is played point to point: Trento held the lead, chasing Torino, avoiding the Bianconeri escape. The Dolomiti Energia also touches on +9, but Fiat is able to sweeten the partial (65-69). The last lap part of low rates, but will ignite after 5 ‘with Wilson triple marking the edge of Turin (75-74).

Point to point you get to the last 60 » on par (79-79): Trent is pursuing with Craft but McAdoo from the line restores equal. A 30 » from the end Hogue lets slip the ball to the edge as possible, Wilson took the opportunity to +2 (83-81). On the new possession Trento still loses the ball Torino finds victory after a month and a half.

86-84 Final. Fiat Torino: Wilson 18, Dolphin 15, McAdoo 14 Trento: 29 Marble, Hogue and Gomes 18 Salvatore Macheda

August 8, 2018 — Milan Coppa Italy. Getty Next weekend will be played the third qualifying round of the Italian Cup. It is so close the first phase of the tournament waiting for the comeback in December.

Saturday and Sunday will enter teams in Serie A came from ninth to seventeenth place last season, in addition to the three newly promoted and survivors of the second round. Here is the schedule of games: UDINESE — BENEVENTO Saturday, 08.11, 20.00 GENOA — LECCE Saturday, 08/11 at 21.15 (live on Rai Sport + HD) CHIEVO VERONA — PESCARA Sunday, 12/08 18.00 SPICE — SPAL Sunday, 08.12 hours 18:30 CATANIA — HELLAS VERONA Sunday, 08/12 20:00 Empoli — CITADEL Sunday, 12/08 at 20:30 Sampdoria — VITERBESE CASTRENSE Sunday, 12/08 20.30 SASSUOLO — TERNANA Sunday, 12/08 20.30 PARMA — PISA Sunday, 12/08 20.30 BRESCIA — NOVARA Sunday, 12.08 20.30 Frosinone — SÜDTIROL (Benevento) Sunday, 08/12 20.30 VIRTUS ENTELLA — SALERNO Sunday, 12/08 20.30 CAGLIARI — PALERMO Sunday, 12/08 20.30 LIVORNO — Crotone: Sunday, 12/08 20.30 TORINO — COSENZA Sunday, 12/08 at 20.45 (live on Rai Sport + HD) BOLOGNA — PADUA Sunday, 12/08 21.00 Gasport


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