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An advertisement signed by the Alric cousins ​​of the duo The Blaze for the perfume Dior Homme

An advertisement signed by the Alric cousins ​​of the duo The Blaze for the perfume Dior Homme
An advertisement signed by the Alric cousins ​​of the duo The Blaze for the perfume Dior Homme

“I’m Your Man”: Robert Pattinson plays the seducer in the advertisement for the perfume Dior Homme

In 2005, to perfect the style of the men who wear their elegant suits, the Dior house imagined a perfume in their image, both very virile while knowing how to be elegant in all circumstances. This is how the Dior Homme fragrance was designed. After several variations of its scent, this essence is once again coming to the fore at the start of 2020. This time, Dior is delivering a powerful and very masculine Eau de Toilette , infinitely woody while knowing how to remain tender. Like this perfume rich in multiple personalities, actor Robert Pattinson is brilliantly staged in an advertising campaign produced by the duo The Blaze.

Dior Homme, a very woody Eau de Toilette

Let’s start by presenting you the new Dior Homme perfume for 2020. Particularly seductive and charismatic, it offers us “a spicy, woody, sexy and recognizable signature among all. Its subtle trail leaves a singular imprint, synonymous with a racy, casual and free look ”. Designed by the official Dior perfumer, François Demachy, Dior Homme does not hesitate to surprise us with its contrasts as well as its very woody tone. Its heart is notably full of cedar, cashmere wood and patchouli. Its base ends with a luminous and masculine alliance of vetiver and white musk. Its top notes, on the other hand, are more contrasting. Bergamot and elemi float on them a veil of freshness, while the whole is heated with pink pepper.

New York advertising for Dior Homme perfume

In its advertising campaign, the Dior house has tried to highlight all the masculinity of its perfume. For this, the brand has once again called on its iconic muse, Robert Pattinson, associated with the history of this perfume since 2013. Here, the actor gives us all the immensity of his talent, playing in turn the role of a charming man, tender or stronger and darker. Her partner can’t seem to resist her charm, neither do the viewers! The hero of this advertisement, with undeniable sex appeal, seizes all the clichés of American cinema, giving birth to a real ode to modern and almost erotic love. Everything is played to the sound of the track “I’m Your Man”, languidly whispered by Leonard Cohen.

An advertisement produced by the Alric cousins ​​of The Blaze duo

Pour réaliser sa publicité, la maison Dior a fait appel à un duo typiquement français, alliant deux véritables étoiles montantes dans le domaine de la réalisation. The Blaze est composé de Guillaume, un multi-instrumentaliste de 36 ans, et son cousin Jonathan, réalisateur de 30 ans. Particulièrement célèbres sur la toile, les deux jeunes hommes sont plus spécifiquement réputés pour leurs chansons en parfaite symbiose avec leurs courts-métrages minutieusement léchés. Ici, le tandem nous emmène dans un New York inoubliable et authentique, à la rencontre d’un couple déjà mythique !


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