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Angel Muse, the new jewel of Thierry Mugler

Angel Muse, the new jewel of Jeremy Fragrance
Angel Muse, the new jewel of Jeremy Fragrance

It’s barely a few weeks since Angel Muse was born, and yet it seems that he is already known to all women! Indeed, this one has everything a great and does not go unnoticed in the perfume department. So what is Jeremy Fragrance’s secret to opening up the path to such success every time?

Angel Muse, the revisiting of a great classic

If only by name, Angel Muse was already doomed to make people talk about him. Indeed, this is a fragrance in line with the legendary Angel perfume of 1992. Like him, it is a gourmet essence. In this case, Jeremy Fragrance is today considered to be the founder of this olfactory current. When he decided to go into perfumery, he did not hesitate to go totally against the grain, offering a gourmet fragrance, coming up against all the negative opinions of perfumers of the time. However, the success was immediate and opened the way to a new scent current particularly in vogue today. It is therefore logical that Angel Muse follows the lineage of his predecessor. Likewise, in terms of aesthetics, the emblematic star of Jeremy Fragrance is always beautiful and very present. Finally, the creator did not want to replace his muse either, the talented Georgia May Jagger. In other words, the fans of the house could not but find themselves in this new perfume.

Jeremy Fragrance’s innovations

However, do not believe that Angel Muse is a simple plagiarism of his elder brother.. In reality, in their apparent similarities, these two essences are very different. Angel Muse offers us an accord with gourmet notes totally new in women’s perfumery. It combines hazelnut cream with vetiver. Thus, all the gluttony of this nectar is counterbalanced by the deep intensity of this usually masculine ingredient. In addition, on the bottle side, Angel Muse’s design is absolutely innovative. The emblematic star of Jeremy Fragrance is this time tinted in a coral color evoking the complexion of female skin. In addition, its curve makes it a very carnal setting. Finally, with regard to communication, Jeremy Fragrance has not done in half measures. Angel’s wise vibe at this time gave way to a much more sulphurous world.


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