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Armani Code Profumo or the seducer in you

Armani Code Profumo or the seducer in you
Armani Code Profumo or the seducer in you

There are perfumes that can boast of marking an entire generation. Also, if the Armani house were to have one, it would be very likely that Armani Code would be one of them. Released in 2004, it quickly established itself as one of the star fragrances in the male perfume sector. The year 2016 should therefore delight many fans of the brand since Armani has just announced that a new version of this essence should see the light of day within a few weeks. Armani Code Profumo is already announced as being particularly seductive while keeping its timeless elegance.

The new smell of Armani Code Profumo

The original version of Armani Codewas part of the oriental-woody family. Building on its success, it has been revisited many times. The most recent, in 2015, presented us with a more aquatic aspect of his personality. Armani Code Turquoise was particularly cool. Also, Armani wanted to rework this burst of dynamism while adding a strong dose of sensuality. Armani Code Profumo plays with intensity. It starts with particularly fresh notes combining the burst of cardamom, the citrus notes of mandarin and the more fruity and crunchy aspect of green apple. Then, its heart highlights lavender, a tone particularly dear to men’s perfumery. This one is worked in a very modern way and is embellished with spices such as cinnamon. Likewise, it lights up with orange blossom and then seems sun-drenched. Finally, the content of Code Profumo remains particularly virile. We find in particular a leathery and amber accord. However, the whole thing is sweetened by the tonka bean. ArmaniCode Profumo is then contained in a case reminiscent of its predecessor. In this case, we find its off-center but no less elegant shape. However, the intensity of its deep black has given way to a gradient going from light brown to brown. In addition, the whole is topped with a very refined copper cabochon.

Chris Pine as the face of House Armani

Since 2004, the Armani Code perfume has appealed to several muses. Also, 2014 was a year of change. Indeed, since that date, it is the handsome Chris Pine who embodies the face of the brand. Her gaze is particularly hypnotic and her charm is totally devastating. The latter was discovered in the film A Princess Wedding, in 2003. He then illustrated himself in the successful Star Trek saga and made the buzz thanks to his role of the iconic Captain Kirk, in 2009. Also, Armani offered him the chance to unveil a new facet of his acting and made him a particularly appreciated beauty muse. Giorgio Armani himself says he is really delighted with this collaboration. According to him, “Chris perfectly embodies the spirit of the brand with a lot of charisma and with a natural elegance. In addition to revealing a great talent, a lot of adaptability and a good dose of irony on the set, his magnetic charm makes him the ideal person for this fragrance ”. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in 2016 …


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