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Bee Glow, the new Abeille Royale treatment

Bee Glow, the new Abeille Royale treatment
Bee Glow, the new Abeille Royale treatment

Bee Glow by Guerlain, the best of bee products to hydrate your skin

The Guerlain house demonstrates a constant spirit of innovation. Nevertheless, to make its new products, it is very often inspired by nature and natural active ingredients long used in traditional medicine. Among these, the active ingredients from the beehive are essential. They are among the best natural healing products in the world. This is why the entire Abeille Royale range from Guerlain uses them. Today, this range of treatments is enriched by a newcomer. Focus on Bee Glow, a particularly moisturizing product.

Bee Glow, a concentrate of youth

Guerlain Bee Glow is a very moisturizing product whose objective is to preserve the youthfulness of your skin. For this, it contains the restorative power of bee products. Its recipe contains more exactly pure black bee honey from Ouessant specially cultivated for Guerlain, as well as the brand’s “made in France” royal jelly. The Bee Glow hydrates the skin surface and instantly creates a dewy effect on the skin. Hence, it brightens the face and makes it look fresher. From then on, you appear radiant with life and your skin looks more plump. The oval of your face is more defined and you look younger.

Bee Glow, a perfecting treatment

Bee Glow is the last step in your beauty ritual. It is applied in addition to your usual day cream, just after this one. It can then be covered by your makeup. Bee Glow can be spread over the entire face as well as certain localized areas more marked by signs of aging. 98% of Bee Glow consumers surveyed by Guerlain say they are satisfied with the results obtained. Thanks to this product, your face is better hydrated, more comfortable, smoother and more luminous.


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