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Coach Dreams, The scent of escape according to Coach

Coach Dreams, The scent of escape according to Coach
Coach Dreams, The scent of escape according to Coach

Coach Dreams, an invitation to travel

The United States is a land of many contrasts. New York amazes with its effervescence, while the American West fascinates with its immense spaces stretching as far as the eye can see. It is a fascinating country which therefore encourages travel and which many tourists take pleasure in discovering. It is therefore precisely to pay tribute to their quest for adventure that the Coach house has decided to design the Coach Dreams fragrance. This feminine juice recalls Coach’s special attachment to the United States, while evoking the travel desires of young people of our time.

Coach Dreams, a desire to escape

Coach Dreams is for all women who are not afraid to go on an adventure and conquer faraway lands. It must be said that the young generation of men and women are particularly eager to travel! The numbers are clear: we have never been so many to travel! With its fragrance, Coach intends to convey to you the emotion that runs through the body when you discover another culture and a distant land. With this essence, the energy is at the rendezvous, guiding the steps of the intrepid traveler who sleeps in you. Stuart Vevers, artistic director of the Coach house, explains that “Coach Dreams is a joyful and mischievous fragrance. It is inspired by the carefree spirit and thirst for adventure of 21st century dreamers, he says. In short, it reflects the euphoria of a road trip with friends ”.

The luminous and floral scent of Coach Dreams

Coach Dreams is a feminine perfume that clearly surfs on the trend of floral essences, while enriching itself with unexpected ingredients, which one would believe unearthed in the four corners of the globe. In this composition, the perfumer Antoine Maisondieu first chose to integrate pear and bitter orange. Then, these fruity and juicy ingredients are relayed by a more feminine heart, mixing gardenia and cactus flower. Plunging us into the heart of the great American spaces, Coach Dreams ends with a wooded base of Joshua trees. Finally, Coach Dreams ends its journey with a musky touch of ambroxan.

Coach’s precious bottle

Coach Dreams comes in a delicate and very feminine bottle. Similar to a treasure brought back from a trip, its bottle looks like an apothecary’s vial. Its glass walls illuminate a pale pink juice, sparkling with some glittery additions. Its silver cap also takes the form of a very feminine and poetic flower. Finally, a white and sober label can be read in a raised square on its front face, while bearing the name of this species with discretion and sobriety. As always, the iconic logo of the Coach house is present. For the record, this is a horse-drawn carriage, the absolute emblem of Central Park. What if your journey around the world began precisely in this famous park, so dear to the Coach house?


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