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Code Profumo, the Armani newcomer

Code Profumo, the Armani newcomer
Code Profumo, the Armani newcomer

Armani Code is a fragrance that needs no introduction. It saw the light of day in 2004 and immediately ranked among the bestsellers in men’s perfumery. It gives off a woody and oriental scent which particularly appealed to men and which is also very popular with women. Also, on the strength of its success, it has been revisited many times. It is therefore in this continuity that the Armani house has chosen to offer a new variant by early 2016. It is announced as being particularly sensual and seductive and will be named Armani Code Profumo .

Seduction and elegance are the program of the new Armani juice

The new Armani juice will be presented in a bottle reminiscent of its predecessor. You can’t go wrong and will easily recognize its elegant stature. This will keep its slender and somewhat off-center shape. However, this case will no longer be imagined in deep black but will be given a slightly warmer gradient. The Armani Code Profumo bottle will evolve from a light brown to a more intense brown and will be topped with a very refined copper cabochon. The idea is then to suggest the sensuality of the essence contained in the heart of this glass case.
On the scent side, the new Armani Code Profumo will open with very fresh citrus notes. Thus, the burst of green mandarin will be associated with the crunchy aspect of apple as well as the zesty tones of cardamom. His heart, meanwhile, will work around lavender. This will be embellished with a hint of spices via cinnamon as well as a brighter aspect brought by orange blossom. Finally, the story will end with a very sensual note of leather juxtaposed with more amber connotations. However, everything will be softened by the presence of tonka bean from Venezuela.

Chris Pine as the face of the new Profumo Code

Also, the launch of this new perfume has just been announced, what already do we know the name of its muse. Indeed, Armani has chosen to keep the face of Chris Pine already present on the advertising of the perfume Armani Code. This one perfectly embodies the man seen by Armani. He is elegant and refined, simply dressed in a black suit that looks great on him. His class seems almost innate and no woman can resist him then. He embodies a masculine ideal is a real fantasy for the fairer sex. Thus, Giorgio Armani himself says he is delighted with this collaboration. For him, “Chris perfectly embodies the spirit of the brand with a lot of charisma and with a natural elegance. In addition to revealing great talent, a lot of adaptability and a good dose of irony on the set, his magnetic charm makes him the ideal person for this fragrance ”. So it looks like Chris is getting everyone to agree. So, a little more patience, you will soon discover the new advertising spot for this perfume and especially its intoxicating scent.


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