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Deva Cassel becomes the muse of the Dolce & Gabbana ad, for the new fragrance Dolce Shine

Deva Cassel becomes the muse of Dolce & Gabbana, for the new perfume Dolce Shine
Deva Cassel becomes the muse of Dolce & Gabbana, for the new perfume Dolce Shine

Deva Cassel becomes the muse of Dolce & Gabbana, for the new perfume Dolce Shine

At the start of 2020, the house of Dolce & Gabbana presents its latest fragrance: Dolce Shine , a sun juice inspired by the first rays of spring sunshine. However, to accompany this launch, the Italian house has decided to treat itself to one of the most beautiful muses there is. Barely 15 years old, Deva Cassel lends her image to the Dolce Shine perfume. Already described as the new “it girl” to follow, she shines here with femininity in a luminous advertisement, shot in Italy.

Deva Cassel, daughter of one of the most legendary couples on the planet

No, you are not dreaming, Deva Cassel is indeed the daughter of one of the star couples. Her azure blue gaze is that of her father, Vincent Cassel. Her brown hair and plump mouth, meanwhile, are borrowed from her mother: the attractive actress Monica Bellucci. Barely 15 years old, Deva Cassel signs her first role of muse, even if her mother says she prioritizes her academic success above all. However, Deva Cassel seems to have a career all mapped out in the world of modeling. Despite her young age, Deva Cassel bursts the screen. Dressed in an angelic white dress, she seems perfectly at ease in front of the camera, as if this role were obvious to her. Monica Bellucci adds: “She has that character, very strong, very adaptable. It is made for travel; the changes do not produce any stress for her. She is comfortable everywhere. She is a cosmopolitan ”.

Italian advertisement for Dolce Shine perfume

To promote the Dolce Shine perfume, it is in Italy that the house Dolce & Gabbana has decided to put down its luggage, and more precisely in the village of Ravello. Located on the Amalfi Coast, Ravello is perched at the top of Mount Torello, which offers a splendid panorama on the Gulf of Salerno. Moreover, it is precisely on this image that the advertisement for the Dolce Shine perfume ends. The Italian bay faces the terraced orchards of the region. Radiant sun, azure blue sky, blooming flowers, cobbled streets, colorful ceramics… All the charm and the Italian sweetness of life resurface in this advertising campaign!

Dolce Shine, a solar and fruity juice

L’esprit solaire et lumineux du parfum Dolce Shine ressurgit dès la vision de son flacon. Totalement teinté de jaune, il est surmonté d’un capuchon en forme de fleurs. Et pour cause… Sa fragrance s’inspire du printemps, alors que les premiers boutons de fleurs s’épanouissaient, pour notre plus grand plaisir. Sur le plan olfactif, cela se caractérise par un jus floral et fruité. D’abord, la mangue juteuse s’associe à l’acidité plus vive du pamplemousse. En son cœur, le jasmin et la fleur d’oranger amplifient sa féminité. Un accord d’ozone salé apporte une touche d’originalité à cette composition. Enfin, Dolce Shine se clôt par un sillage crémeux et boisé.


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