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Dior – Diorskin Nude Air Sun Powder

Diorskin Nude Air Sun Powder
Diorskin Nude Air Sun Powder

Dior is launching a new sun powder in the Diorskin Nude Air collection:

Diorskin Nude Air Sun Powder

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Diorskin Nude Air Sun Powder will warm up the natural tone of your skin while letting it breathe for radiant beauty thanks to the sunny healthy glow effect. Choose the perfect shade of your “matte tan” or satin.

For a natural tanned look.

Diorskin Nude Air Sun Powder is composed of warm-toned pigments: gold and pink and airy powders, invisible to the naked eye, will recreate all the nuances of sunny skin without altering your natural complexion. In a stroke of the brush you recreate all the glow of sunny skin with an incredibly natural and luminous velvety finish. Your complexion will be simply sublime like after a day outdoors.

Like the other powders in the Diorskin Nude Air range, it will form a real shield against pollution.

Enriched with orange zest and vitamin, Diorskin Nude Air Compact Powder will form a real barrier against pollution. It will reduce the absorption of harmful particles without affecting the natural functioning of your skin so that it breathes naturally and is protected against external stressors. Your complexion will then have an intense radiance reflecting the well-being of your skin which will be more beautiful than ever.

For an ideal application, use the mini kabuki brush specially designed for easy and flexible application. Apply by making a 3 (from the temples to the cheekbones, along the jaw) on clean, hydrated skin for an imperceptible second skin effect.

Diorskin Nude Air Sun Powder Shades:

Choose an ultra-natural tan with a wide range of radiant shades to enhance your complexion or perfect your tan. Available in gold or pink tones, it adapts to all intensities and all skin tones. 6 shades available: 001 Golden Honey, 002 Amber, 025 Matte Amber, 003 Cinnamon, 035 Matte Cinnamon, 004 Spice.

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