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Eau du Soir, a fragrance with retro-chic charm

Eau du Soir, a fragrance with retro-chic charm
Eau du Soir, a fragrance with retro-chic charm

L’Eau du Soir is a perfume emanating from the workshops of the Sisley house, and having seen the light of day in 1990. This one is particularly elegant, refined and timeless. It exalts femininity and delivers a seductive aspect at every moment. It then presents us with a very contrasting chypre and floral scent, offering a real olfactory richness. Its fragrant accords are subtly worked and marvelously combine freshness, sensuality and intensity. In short, it is a perfect compromise between vintage chic and elegant modernity.

A perfume that smells of Andalusia, a region dear to the heart of the Sisley house

L’Eau du Soir was created in the late 1980s at the request of Isabelle d’Ornano, vice president of Sisley. The latter wanted to create an exceptional perfume reminding her of Andalusia, a region of the globe in which she spent most of her childhood. L’Eau du Soir then evokes a walkin the heart of a Spanish garden on a summer evening. The atmosphere is dancing and cheerful. L’Eau du Soir marvelously transcribes the joy of living and the festive spirit of this region of the globe. Nevertheless, for several years, Isabelle d’Ornano will be the only one to wear this perfume. Perhaps she considered her scent to be too personal to reveal it to the general public… It was not until 1990 that she decided to launch it under the name of L’Eau du Soir. In this case, it is a tribute to the syringa flower which exudes its scents at dusk and which Isabelle particularly likes. Also, this essence was very quickly appreciated and adopted by the fairer sex. Its very original and perfectly structured olfactory composition also won it the Prix de l’Académie du Parfum in Madrid, in the category ” classic feminine scent “.

Eau du Soir, a sun-drenched femininity

L’Eau du Soir was the second fragrance from the Sisley house . Its rich and complex composition plays on contrasts until it achieves perfect harmony between them. These top notes are particularly invigorating. In addition, we find a blend of sun-kissed citrus fruits. Its rise is more particularly through the presence of mandarin, grapefruit, carnation and spruce. Its heart, meanwhile, is particularly floral. It gives off an odor of syringa, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley. Thus, it exacerbates the femininity of the woman who wears it while keeping a certain lightness. Finally, its base becomes more intense. Eau du Soir draws its strength in particular from patchouli and amber.

While its scent is not lacking in character, its bottle is just as remarkable. However, it was only given its centerpiece in 1998. Indeed, it was on this date that Isabelle d’Ornano commissioned a sculpture stopper from the Polish artist “Bronislaw Krzysztof”. He imagined a sort of star with a woman’s face, elegant, enigmatic and timeless. In addition, this cabochon is crafted in 18k gold, which only enhances the prestige of its ensemble. Moreover, it will even become the symbol of perfume.


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