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Ecstasy: Scented sensuality laid bare …

Ecstasy: Scented sensuality laid bare ...
Ecstasy: Scented sensuality laid bare …

The Nina Ricci perfume house has taken the pulse of women’s revolutions and developments over the years. If L’Extase, released in 2015, seems a long way from the insolent innocence of a Nina, it captures the new liberated femininity that L’Air du Temps was able to advocate in its own way in the 1950s. Because L’Extase is above all a scent of free and liberated femininity where dream meets fantasy thanks to flights of scented sensualities.

Ecstasy or the feminine fantasy in perfume …

If the image of women has evolved over the decades, the perfume house has always enjoyed telling us its story. L’Air du Temps, the great bestseller of the Nina Ricci house, had already captured in its time the airy and light femininity that women dreamed of at the end of the war. “L’Air du Temps conceals a little miracle that gives it a strong personality. Said Robert Ricci, the founder of the house.

All of the house’s feminine fragrances are born from this same “strong personality”, from this absolute femininity claimed loud and clear and now enhanced by the sublime L’Extase. Because L’Extase is an intimate perfume, a perfume of erotic reveries, a perfume of sensualities which no longer hide and dare to be revealed in broad daylight.

“Nina Ricci embraces the dream of a woman in tune with her most intimate desires. A femininity inhabited by eroticism. Being yourself, even naked. »Nina Ricci for L’Extase.

In order to embody this powerful elixir of elegant eroticism, it is the magnificent Laetitia Casta who will be the sublime face and body of L’Extase. Whether visual or film, aesthetics and history take precedence over erotic audacity. Laetitia Casta, in the midst of an erotic dream, appears languid and glamorous at will while affirming her beauty as an accomplished woman and sure of herself, like the woman of L’Extase. Moreover, the actress reveals that she agreed to pose nude for L’Extase “because of the message he wishes to deliver, that of a modern woman and in tune with the times, a woman who lives her pleasure and his desire.

An explosion of the senses in a floral-woody fragrance called L’Extase

The composition of the great perfumer Francis Kurkdjian could not be locked in a classic bottle! L’Extase will therefore be held in captivity by a dark mauve glass minaudière exhaling both the Parisian chic of a trendy object and the beauty of feminine and degraded colors. The black satin ribbon and the gold plate matching the cabochon-clasp add a touch of elegance to this feminine bottle .

Ecstasy opens with a nice flight of juicy and gourmet fruits (peach and pear) punctuated by the spicy sweetness of pink berries. Then the floral heart is exposed by offering us the splendor of a bouquet of white flowers accompanied by the magnificence of the Turkish rose and the Bulgarian rose. Finally, sensuality will turn into velvet thanks to the depths of amber, cedarwood from Virginia, musk and benzoin from Siam.

“L’Extase by Nina Ricci is a fragrance for fulfilled women. A woman who is able to anticipate all events in advance. A calm and smooth woman with a smile that will arouse in men all storms and fantasies. »Francis Kurkdjian perfumer, creator in particular of L’Extase by Nina Ricci.


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