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Guerlain – Hell Eyelashes Mascara

Guerlain - Hell Eyelashes Mascara

Cils D’Enfer the new Curve Sculpting Volume Creator Mascara …

Hell lashes

Buy Guerlain Lash Mascara at a low price on Fragrenza Perfumes.

In the blink of an eye, eyelashes from hell! For a breathtaking look …

“If a woman reveals herself without mascara, let her lift her finger! If she goes out without dressing her lips in lip gloss or rouge, let her raise her hand! Both tools know how to make their users addicted. The application is simple, the gestures learned from childhood ”

Olivier Echaudemaison

The secret of the Cils d’Enfer formula

A gifted formula for a volume, a curve and a tenur of hell. A combined action of 3 polymers:
1- Sheathing polymer: Composed of extremely adherent polymeric oils, it allows to coat, thicken and charge the eyelashes.
2- Softening polymer: it is made up of malleable waxes which, like a “conditioner”, give the desired shape, ideally stylized.
3- Fixing polymer: Film-forming, it coats the eyelash and traps waxes to fix and print this maddening curve.

Intense color lashes from hell

An intense pigment, finely dispersed for perfect homogeneity, which lifts lashes with a deep, captivating, shimmering and unmatched color.

2 unmistakable shades: an intense black, a captivating purple.

A Allure Lashes Hell

Guerlain is reinventing the shape of mascara to better surprise and stir up envy. Modern lines, a compact format easy to slip into a clutch …

A Must Have Eyelash Brush

A round and generous brush that adds fabric to your taste. A volume effect as multiplied by a new generation of hollow fibers, capable of depositing the right dose on the eyelashes. Cleverly set up in a cross, they carefully disentangle them and avoid bundles.

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