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Habanita: The “most enduring perfume in the world”?

Habanita: The "most enduring perfume in the world"?
Habanita: The “most enduring perfume in the world”?

The famous Habanita perfume revolutionized the world of classic perfumery in 1921 thanks to its Henri Bénard nose. The perfume, which wanted to cover the smells of tobacco, did much more than that: it gave the emancipated women of that time a new fragrance, an oriental fragrance! Habanita is the perfume of the glamorous woman of the Roaring Twenties but also that of the modern and assumed woman of 2012, the year in which it was reissued. Enter the wonderful world of the Habanita woman and you will never come out!

Habanita de Molinard “underlines your personality”

Habanita is the perfume that made the venerable Molinard house , existing since 1849, an internationally renowned perfumery. However, this is not Molinard’s first success and has been welcoming the greats of this world such as Queen Victoria for decades. But Habanita did more than offer a magnificent perfume, he draws the scented shadows of the new woman of the 1920s.

Perfume of character and strength, Habanita does not let herself be carried by everyone and prefers to sit on the necks of glamorous and strong women who smoke and seduce without thinking about what to say. Habanita is strength but also sweetness, sensuality, charms… Moreover, the advertisements, the advertisements, proposed at the time for Habanita are drawn around a woman with a sensual back who exposes herself as much as she conceals.

The great Habanita was relaunched under the aegis of Célia Lerouge-Bénard, granddaughter of its creator, in 2012. The perfume, although slightly reformulated, has lost none of its splendor and is still displayed with as much audacity. The advertisement for Habanita is resolutely modern, with a young woman walking with a determined step on a train into the unknown. Habanita’s wife remains sensual and her charms just revealed.

No matter the outfit, long slit dress from the 1920s or leather thigh-high boots from the 2010s, the Habanita woman is an eternal icon.

“He [Habanita] has gone through the years. To make it discover, to enlighten it, to renew it is like a duty, a pride too. It is a challenge to introduce new generations to such a complex, accomplished fragrance: this water invites them to appropriate a heritage, a story: a woman’s secret to live. »Célia Lerouge-Bénard for Habanita de Molinard.

The first oriental fragrance in history: Habanita de Molinard

For its big comeback in perfumery in 2012, Habanita the beautiful oriental adorned itself with a chic and very modern bottle of black varnish. However, the frieze drawn by Lalique in reference to the Roaring Twenties reminds us of the prestigious past of this great perfume. Habanita or the mix of absolute modernity and timeless chic …

Habanita first appears as a sparkling citrus cocktail composed of small grain and reinforced by a nervous geranium and a delicately vegetal mastic note. Then the heart of the beautiful Habanita opens in flowery beauties of jasmine, Centifolia rose, mimosa and ylang-ylang. However, the beauty also retains some mysteries that will be highlighted by a woody accord of vetiver and cedar as well as a deep and smoky heliotrope. Nutmeg brings its spicy facet to this chiaroscuro heart. The depths of Penang patchouli, Mysore sandalwood and oakmoss bring their exotic sensualities to better tinge with a precious amber and some vanilla delicacies.

“Mythical, timeless fragrance, its oriental, floral and woody signature is distinguished by its supreme audacity. On the skin, this sensual elixir magnifies the woman who wears it enigmatic, sophisticated, with a chic allure. »Molinard for Habanita.


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