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Habit Rouge, a perfume between ardor and sensuality

Habit Rouge, between ardor and sensuality
Habit Rouge, between ardor and sensuality

It was in 1828 that Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain founded the house of the same name. His first store was located rue de Rivoli, in Paris, but he moved to rue de la Paix in 1840. At that time, perfumes were customizable and each customer had the right to their custom-made perfume. In 1842, the house of Guerlain was the supplier of perfumes to all the courts of Europe, and Queen Victoria as well as the Queen of Hungary even awarded it the title of “Official Supplier”. In 1965, the brand presented “Habit Rouge” , the first masculine oriental fragrance in the history of perfumery.

Habit Rouge or the birth of a legend

We can say that “Habit Rouge” is the masculine side of “Shalimar” released in 1925. Indeed, “Shalimar” breaks with the codes of existing perfumery and presents itself as the first oriental perfume. In the same vein, “Habit Rouge” will be defined as the first male oriental fragrance. The story of “Habit Rouge” begins when Jean-Paul Guerlain walks in the forest of Rambouillet.

There he met a horseman dressed in a red coat. It gave off an odor that was both strong, autumnal, leathery, but also terribly sensual. It was a real revelation and Jean-Paul Guerlain decided to make a perfume from it. “Habit Rouge” will then directly echo the color of the clothes worn by riders in show jumping or short hunting. Perfectly symbolizing the ardor of the riders, “Habit Rouge” was an immediate success. Revisited in 1967 with “Habit Rouge Dry”, and in 2003, with the “Habit Rouge” eau de Perfume, the success of the first oriental fragrance for men is still unabated.

Orientally sensual notes of Habit Rouge

“Habit Rouge” takes off with citrus notes, ultra fresh such as mandarin, bergamot and lemon. These are then enhanced with the rose berry. The heart of “Habit Rouge” is warm and sensual, as it combines carnation with cedarwood, patchouli and cinnamon. The background, oriental and woody, is not lacking in character. It combines a leathery accord with a large dose of vanilla, but also with benzoin and amber. The bottle of “Habit Rouge” is the essential bottle of classic Guerlain perfumes.. Square in shape, it features sharp and imposing edges, as well as geometric and ultra contemporary lines. The perfect transparency lets glimpse a nectar of a sunny color. The whole is topped with a silver metal cabochon engraved with the brand’s logo, for an ultimate touch of elegance.

A legend of the Guerlain house, “Habit Rouge” is the first oriental fragrance for men. Because it symbolizes the clothes worn by riders during the short hunt, “Habit Rouge” is an ultra sensual fiery fragrance.


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