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Kenzoki – Guardian Angel Hydrating Serum

Kenzoki Guardian Angel Hydrating Serum
Kenzoki Guardian Angel Hydrating Serum

Discover the new Kenzoki serum, a concentrate of hydration and well-being

Guardian Angel Hydrating Serum

Buy Kenzoki Guardian Angel Hydrating Serum at the best price on Fragrenza Perfumes.

An unparalleled hydrating sorbet gel to plump thirsty faces and make them shiver with pleasure. Its gifted active ingredients combine to provide triple action hydration. Plump, plump, the skin is fresh and sparkling for a long time.

An effective and sensory treatment, which invites the pleasure of getting beautiful skin. Beautiful, good, happiness for the skin.

A Serum in all lightness! His mission ? Continuously hydrate skin thirsty for a hectic life. Then, help protect against the effects of daily aggressions: pollution, stress, hot, cold, hot-cold …

KENZOKI treatments combine the effectiveness of these plants with cutting-edge research. Thus vegetable water, vital plant sap, is extracted without chemicals and infused into the heart of each formula. 100% natural, it presents an unsuspected balance of essential oils, trace elements and mineral salts. In perfect affinity with the skin, it optimizes the effectiveness of the other ingredients of the formula. These ingredients, traditionally used in Asia for millennia or derived from biotechnology, are carefully selected to meet the needs of each skin.

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