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Michael Kors – Extreme Blue

Michael Kors - Extreme Blue
Michael Kors – Extreme Blue

Extreme Blue, a powerful fragrance by Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a talented designer who is gradually gaining a reputation in France. Nevertheless, his talent is particularly recognized in the United States. Indeed, it is in this country that this great house of creation was founded in the 80s. Since then, its range does not stop expanding ranging from fashion to leather goods through shoes. It is therefore in this context that the Extreme Blue perfume made its appearance in June 2015. The latter is intended for a modern and dynamic man in search of power.

The captivating scent of Extreme Blue fragrance

Extreme Blue is a fragrance that follows two other scent creations from the Michael Kors brand. The first of them appeared in 2001. This essence for men was then called simply Michael and followed the release of a feminine fragrance a year earlier. She was then presented as being particularly sensual, refined and distinguished. In short, it was a perfect extension of the house’s couture range. Then, it was not until 2014 to see another male juice appear within the brand.

Michael Kors For Men then combined a powerful virility with a more urban sophistication. In this case, it was an oriental and woody fragrance. This was a real citrus bomb with touches of patchouli. In short, its creator described it as being “sexy and unexpected”. Also, these two essences were signed by perfumer Harry Fremont. It is therefore in this continuity that the Extreme Blue perfume was born in June 2015. However, it brings much fresher scents but always combines with as much talent the sporting aspect with a more urban and sophisticated side.

Michael Kors’ latest fragrance

Extreme Blue is an intense fragrance with a captivating and particularly persistent scent. Michael Kors says of him that he “has a relaxed but powerful attitude. It is perfect for a busy city life. He is inspired by a man who has it all because he knows what he wants and how to get it. He embodies a way to live life to the fullest. »Also, his dynamism shines through from his first scent. These latest posters have an invigorating scent of bergamot. Then, the juniper berry makes its appearance. This small conifer is known to give off a spicy, fine and racy flavor. Its flavor is both peppery and somewhat resinous. Then, the seeds of angelica do not take long to bring their herbaceous, woody and peppery scents.

In addition, this seed from a small conifer only enhances the prestige of Extreme Blue. Indeed, its high cost linked to its tedious harvest makes this ingredient only for fine perfumery. There is no doubt that Extreme Blue is undeniably a very luxurious essence. Finally, its scent ends with ambroxan. This raw material has the property of prolonging the wake of the essences which contain it. So, this is where Extreme Blue comes to seek such tenacity. In addition, its base is thus more sensual and velvety, which makes it particularly irresistible.

Michael Kors is a particularly well-known brand in the United States. In this case, she appeared in the 80s and quickly made a name for herself. Even if it is a little less well known in France, perfumery enthusiasts look forward to each of its releases. Also, the year 2015 made them happy since a new male juice appeared in this great house. This one was called Extreme Blue and was presented as a fragrance intended for urban and dynamic men. In particular, it combined a sporty aspect with a natural elegance.

Michael Kors in a nutshell

Michael Kors is a fashion designer who first appeared in 1981 in the United States. From its first year of existence, the brand signed a partnership with major retailers, which allowed it to be distributed at Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue or even Bloomingdales in New York. Thus, its notoriety grew very quickly. Then, Michael Kors decided to export internationally. To make himself known, he became artistic director for the Céline brand in 1997. This is how France had the pleasure of seeing his creations appear. Also, Michael Kors is a particularly perfectionist inventive character. This is why he particularly likes to polish his fashion creations with significant details. This is how he decided to create his very first perfume in the year 2000.

This first essence was intended for women. It wasn’t long before her male alter ego emerged, however, and followed a year later. In this continuity, Michael Kors even decided to launch a collection of shoes in 2004. Thus, men had the pleasure of seeing themselves dressed in the brand from head to toe. The Michael Kors look corresponds to that of an urban and dynamic man. In this case, the brand perfectly combines refinement with a sporting spirit. The elegance that emanates from it then becomes quite natural.

The captivating scent of Extreme Blue fragrance

Extreme Blue is a fragrance with a fairly simple composition but based on noble ingredients. His ambition is to transcribe the image of a dynamic man ready to do anything to conquer the world. Thus, this fragrance is full of intensity and notably brings exemplary tenacity. Its scent is immediately very energizing. Indeed, Extreme Blue takes off on a citrus scent of bergamot. Then, his heart sees the aromas of juniper berries appear. This small conifer is known to give off a spicy, fine and racy flavor. Its flavor is both peppery and somewhat resinous. Then, this ingredient is accompanied by angelica seeds.

Ces dernières se réservent exclusivement à la parfumerie fine compte tenu de leur coût élevé lié à leur récolte fastidieuse. Elles viennent alors rehausser l’ensemble d’un aspect boisé, herbacé et musqué. Le rendu en devient presque animal. Enfin, Extreme Blue se clôt sur une odeur d’ambroxan. Ce dernier est à la fois velouté et très sensuel. Par ailleurs, il a la propriété de faire perdurer plus longtemps le sillage des essences qui en contiennent. C’est en l’occurrence de là que provient la ténacité exemplaire du parfum Extreme Blue.

Nouvelle édition du parfum Michael Kors pour Homme lancée en 2014

Fragrance fraîche élégante, audacieuse et intensément magnétiques, il est le parfum de l’homme qui ne connait pas ses limites. La fragrance laisse un sillage dynamique et frais avec des notes de muscs clés de bergamote, de genévriers, de graines d’angélique, et ambrox.

Note de tête : Bergamote

Notes de cœur : Genévrier, Graines d’angéliques

Note de fond : Ambrox

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