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New Dramatically Different Anti-Pollution Jelly Clinique

New Dramatically Different Anti-Pollution Jelly Clinique
New Dramatically Different Anti-Pollution Jelly Clinique

Clinique’s Anti-Pollution Hydrating Jelly, the radiance treatment for urban skin

Clinique has made a name for itself in the world of beauty by offering a treatment ritual in three successive stages , quite simple and accessible to all women. Today, Clinique has nevertheless largely developed its offer and is more interested in all the skin problems caused by our environment. Indeed, the air we breathe is increasingly polluted. If polluting particles are particularly harmful for our respiratory system, they are just as harmful for our skin. Clinique therefore looked into the subject and developed an Anti-Pollution Moisturizing Jelly, specifically adapted to urban skins.

Pollution, a major contributor to premature skin aging

First, let’s start by observing the effects of pollution on the skin. First of all, in contact with polluted air, the epidermis tends to become duller. This is because carbon monoxide mixes with oxygen in the blood, which causes a change in the color of the skin. The face immediately appears more tired and becomes grayish. The most sensitive skin also suffers from irritation. In general, pollution leads to greater skin dryness. Sometimes small patches can even appear. Finally, some studies have shown that pollution is the main accelerator of skin aging. Under the effect of exhaust gases, the epidermis tends to become more vulnerable. Antioxidants are weakened and the lipids that serve as a barrier to your body are reduced. Since then, your skin shield is less effective and your skin becomes more fragile. She loses hydration more quickly. Its flexibility diminishes and little by little the wrinkles widen.

The soothing benefits of Dramatically Different Anti-Pollution Hydrating Jelly

To avoid all this and contribute to its regeneration, Clinical Anti-Pollution Moisturizing Jellyfocus on hydration. Its recipe is particularly rich in hyaluronic acid. As a result, your skin’s water reserves are maintained at a more stable level. Clinique’s Anti-Pollution Hydrating Jelly provides 24 hours of hydration. Its unique Clean-Shield ™ technology, enriched with hyaluronic acid, sunflower, barley and cucumber, acts as a reinforcement of your skin barrier. Tests established by Clinique show that the Anti-Pollution Moisturizing Jelly reduces the skin’s sensitivity to pollution by 87%. Despite its effectiveness, the Anti-Pollution Hydrating Jelly remains very pleasant to wear on a daily basis. Transparent and light, it penetrates very quickly to the heart of the epidermis. So it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling behind. Its intelligent complex filters particles that may or may not be beneficial for your skin. Water is thus brought to your cells. Pollution, on the other hand, is kept outside of your body. Gradually, your face becomes stronger and your complexion appears fresher. The Anti-Pollution Moisturizing Jelly fits perfectly with Clinique’s philosophy: “simply to make your skin happy”.


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