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New Guerlain skin tone corrector: Meteorites CC Glow

New Guerlain corrector: CC Glow meteorites
New Guerlain corrector: CC Glow meteorites

The power of colorimetry at the service of your skin with Guerlain CC Glow Meteorites

Guerlain’s Meteorites are one of the brand’s most emblematic products. They appeared in 1987, bringing a new way of applying makeup based on the science of colorimetry. First presented in the form of small beads in a precious box, the Meteorites are now transformed into correctors and illuminators of the complexion.

CC Glow Meteorites, small tubes to correct all your faults

The Meteorites Guerlain DC Glow come in small tubes of three different colors. An applicator brush is inserted directly on their tips to facilitate the application of the product. The principle of CC Glow Meteorites is based on chromatic knowledge. Indeed, when two colors are correctly chosen and superimposed, they cancel each other out. Guerlain’s CC Glow Meteorites are therefore used to hide all small pigmentary irregularities in the skin. Dark circles, pimples, rodents or shadowy areas are immediately erased and the skin appears younger, brighter and more radiant. Guerlain’s three correctors effectively neutralize all the chromatic defects in your skin. The rejuvenating effect is immediate.

The specificities of each color of the Guerlain CC Glow Meteorites

Of course, each color has its specificity. Green is the color most used to unify the skin. Indeed, this shade makes it possible to cancel the red. Thus, green is widely used to cover up inflamed pimples or irritations. Meteorite CC Glow green is applied globally to the cheeks and the wings of the nose. Pink, on the other hand, wakes up fair complexions. It gives freshness to the skin. It is applied on the forehead, the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the chin or the Cupid’s bow. Finally, the apricot is placed on the lower and upper eyelids as well as on the contour of the lips. It conceals shadow areas and dark circles.


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