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New Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême Matte Lipstick Chanel

New Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême Matte Lipstick Chanel
New Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême Matte Lipstick Chanel

Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême, Chanel’s sophisticated lipstick

The use of lipstick goes back to the dawn of time. Nevertheless, the small tube of lipstick similar to the one we know today was born in the 1920s. Very widely democratized by brands like Estée Lauder and Élisabeth Arden, it has become inseparable from feminine beauty. Today, lipstick is one of the best-selling beauty products in the world. To give you some figures, know that about 27 tubes are sold every second! That still makes 850 million lipsticks per year! You will therefore easily understand that this is a very buoyant market. To conquer the hearts of women, beauty brands therefore compete in inventiveness. This is how the new Rouge Allure Velvet was born., and its new Extreme version in which Chanel has emphasized mattness.

Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême, makeup as soft as velvet

Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême is a particularly comfortable make-up. Despite a remarkable tenacity, it does not create any feeling of tightness. It gives your smile a deep color while preserving it from external aggressions. For this, its formula contains small silicone beads associated with a jojoba oil derivative. Combined together, these ingredients help to smooth the skin. Your lips are more beautiful every day and the application of your Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême by Chanel just becomes easier.

The mat and luminous effect of Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême by Chanel

Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême also relies on a matte but luminous effect to seduce you. Thus, it is fully in line with current trends by offering your mouth a deep and intense shade. However, that doesn’t mean it lacks shine. Far from the glowing but translucent lipsticks of yesteryear, it doesn’t compromise between shine and color. It creates a real second skin which is already available in a multitude of different colors. For this, it contains ultra fine pigments and highly concentrated in color. Likewise, it contains soft focus powders and ultra-fine mother-of-pearl that reflect light, creating a true halo of radiance on your mouth. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême has within it all the paradox of a matt texture that is both comfortable and luminous.

Some application tips

To properly apply your lipstick and get a look worthy of a professional, we recommend that you bring a lip pencil in the color perfectly matched to that of your Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême. Start by defining the outline of your mouth for more details. Then fill the inside of your lips with Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême , either directly with its applicator tip that twists with a simple gesture, or with a brush for more precision and coverage.


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