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Noir Anthracite, the new fragrant opus from Tom Ford

Noir Anthracite, the new fragrant opus from Tom Ford
Noir Anthracite, the new fragrant opus from Tom Ford

“Noir is enigmatic, complex and surprising. Its spicy notes are sweet and extraordinarily sophisticated; it juxtaposes a feminine rose with an extremely precious fresh iris and its oriental warmth attracts us addictively. This was the description of Tom Ford when he made his fragrance Tom Ford Noir, in 2012. He confided that it was “the most personal fragrance [he] created”. Therefore, he decided very recently to reinterpret it to reveal to us a new facet of his masculinity. This is how the Noir Anthracite fragrance was born.

The symbolism of the color black

Black is a strong color that does not go unnoticed. Its symbolic significance often represents austerity and mystery. What is more, unlike white which is obtained by reflecting all the colors, black is characterized by an absence of color. In the West, it is associated with mourning, sadness, despair and death. Not very happy, you might say … On the other hand, behind this dark side, the black can reveal a completely different face. It is also a shade associated with elegance and simplicity. What is more, it avoids any lack of taste and goes wonderfully with all other colors. So, dressing in black immediately gives off a feeling of refinement. However, it is precisely this aspect of black that Tom Ford wanted to work on in this new perfume.

Anthracite black and its well-known design from Tom Ford

The elegance of the new Noir Anthracite is visible on all sides, starting with its bottle. This one adopts a sober and classic line. It takes on the usual look of Tom Ford bottles . Noir Anthracite is presented in a block of heavy and masculine glass, a pledge of refinement. Decorated in a charcoal gray color, it immediately exudes an urban, modern and charismatic feeling. Noir Anthracite is a juice designed for men with a natural class. Finally, note that this bottle likes to play on contrasts. It thus alternates a smooth glass on its front face and a crenellated pattern on its sides and at the level of its stopper. Finally, because everything is thought out down to the smallest detail, the streaks on the sides of its bottle reveal Tom Ford’s initials T and F.

The very nuanced recipe of Noir Anthracite

The Noir Anthracite bottle is far from being the only one to play on contrasts. Indeed, the brand’s new fragrance portrays us the image of a complex and intriguing man. Therefore, complementary smells are associated with harmony. The freshness of bergamot and lemon collides with the incandescence of spices. Likewise, their apparent brightness is contrasted by a much darker background. This contains several woody nuances like sandalwood from Sri Lanka, cedarwood and macassar, a kind of ebony endemic to the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.


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