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Paco Rabanne wins 1 Million in Monopoly!

Paco Rabanne wins 1 Million in Monopoly!
Paco Rabanne wins 1 Million in Monopoly!

1 Million Monopoly by Paco Rabanne, when the world of perfumes and that of the game become one

Some perfumes only last for a season and then no longer make people talk about them. Others, on the other hand, seem to have been designed to mark us forever. From then on, the brands compete in ingenuity to perpetuate the enthusiasm for this type of essences… As such, the house Paco Rabanne has developed a collector’s edition of its famous perfume 1 Million. “When the iconic bullion meets the most thrilling game,” that results in the all-new 1 Million Monopoly. There is a female version with Lady Million Monopoly .

The universe of 1 Million by Paco Rabanne

It was in 2008 that the perfume 1 Million by Paco Rabanne made its very first appearance. Indeed, through him, the creator wished to make a nod to the love of men for gold.. In this case, as the creator explains, “whatever the civilizations and religions, gold has never ceased to seduce man”. Thus, this one transformed gold in turn into nuggets, coins, jewels… And now into perfume! Only this material seems capable of stoking all fires, especially those of lust. From then on, as if to make his customers dizzy and arouse all their fantasies, Paco Rabanne decided to take inspiration from this material to make a fragrance. Thus, the brand has played the card of lust associated with a strong dose of humor. The 1 Million man seems to be able to get it all with a snap of his fingers. Therefore, it seems that this time he has set his sights on one of the most emblematic games on the planet: the famous Monopoly.

The new 1 Million Monopoly

1 Million Monopoly now has a brand new visual. However, it remains clearly identifiable. Indeed, 1 Million Monopoly takes the silhouette of its predecessor. Both simple and very elaborate, this perfume comes to us in an ingot-shaped bottle. After all, what better way than this to embody the history of gold? Everything is made in a block of brown glass covered with a golden metal frame. The whole immediately gives off an impression of strength and brilliance. As in the past, the vaporizer is integrated into the general design of this bottle. The name of 1 Million Monopoly, meanwhile, is inscribed on its front in a typography reminiscent of the world of the Far West. On the other hand, 1 Million Monopoly is now enhanced with two gold dice sculpted in relief and echoing the famous game of Monopoly. On the other hand, the fragrance of 1 Million remained unchanged. This plays on contrasts and offers us a refined sensuality and a very pronounced virility. The whole has a floral and woody signature. Citrus fruits, for their part, bring more vitality to the whole. The spices also come to sublimate the impertinent character of the man 1 Million Monopoly. Finally, the whole is still coated with white wood. “The dice are cast”, all you have to do is treat yourself to this brand new fragrance!


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