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Aprilis Parfum

Aprilis Parfum is a fragrance by Santa Eulalia. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, citrus, star anise, rose, iris, moss, woody notes


April- when the chill of winter begins to give way to the rebirth of spring. In Barcelona, this means the blooming of the April roses in the Parc de Cervantes, one of the world’s most important rose gardens, housing 245 international varieties of this precious, gorgeous, romantic flower. In honor of this remarkable annual occasion, Santa Eulalia presents Aprilis, a gorgeously unique rose scent of unparalleled diversity and sophistication. Matching a deep, lush rose bouquet against a fresh pop of citrus, a spicy tang of star anise, and a rooty, rich iris, Aprilis is a portrait of a garden in full bloom, with the ebb and flow of early spring weather providing both contrast and comfort.

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