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Bois Farine Eau de Toilette

Bois Farine Eau de Toilette is a fragrance by L’Artisan Parfumeur. The notes of this fragrance are white cedar, gaiacwood and sandalwood, white iris, farine flower, fennel seed.


Created by Jean-Claude Ellena, perfume composer of international fame, Bois Farine (Wood Flour) is the product of his encounter with a magic tree in the Reunion Islands. Here, in a forest known as the coloured wood forest, surrounded by evocatively named trees , red wood, yellow wood, iron wood and milk wood, he unexpectedly discovered the fragrant white tree – a rare and nowadays protected species, reputed to have magical powers. This tree is specific to Reunion Island and its red flower smells like flour. Bois Farine is a single and unique fragrance, a magical union between witch wood and flower powder… As rich and fresh as flour rain.

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