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Bond-T Extrait de Parfum

Bond-T Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Sammarco. The notes of this fragrance are Cocoa, patchouli, castoreum, tonka, vanilla, osmanthus


Patchouli and chocolate lovers rejoice, because Bond-T will blow your mind with its mouthwatering, dark twist on the gourmand oriental category. Inspired by a visit to a top Italian chocolatier, Sammarco takes the richest black chocolate cake, slathers it in thick layers over a spicy, earthy, and woody patchouli, and then elevates everything to the next level by adding cognac liqueur, sweet plummy fruits, smoky tobacco, smooth leather, and a touch of expresso. It’s a head-turning scent that left us drooling from the first sniff, but the rest of the scent is equally delectable. The luscious darkness eventually turns into a soft golden dream of boozy patchouli enveloped in creamy vanilla and comforting amber. Bond-T is a must-try for patchouli lovers as well as fans of Serge Lutens’ Borneo, Roja Dove’s Enigma, Roja Dove’s Amber Extrait, and dark chocolate fragrances.

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