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Cafe Tuberosa Cologne Absolue

Cafe Tuberosa Cologne Absolue is a fragrance by Atelier Cologne. The notes of this fragrance are Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian tangerine, Guatemalan cardamom, Indian tuberose, cacao absolute, rose absolute, Indonesian patchouli, Madagascar vanilla, musk


Encountering Café Tuberosa is like entering a bustling coffeeshop, with that dark, bittersweet scent of freshly roasted coffee beans, grinding and pressed for a perfect cup of espresso. The mouthwatering citrus that Atelier Cologne famously perfected is present in small doses here ? just enough Calabrian bergamot to whet the tongue, and a ripe, tangy Sicilian tangerine that adds a wonderful fruity quality to an otherwise deep, warm cacao. In fact, the combination of rich cacao, classic espresso, and cardamom-flecked vanilla puts Café Tuberosa squarely in the gourmand category. And when Atelier Cologne does gourmand, they do it with subtlety and flair, and the proof is in the pudding.
For despite its name, Café Tuberosa contains no high-powered tuberose, and the florals here are quite relaxed ? it’s the vanilla espresso combo that keeps us sniffing for more. Add the faintest hint of a cigarette, dangling from a coy smile, and you’ve got the most easy going kind of sexy scent, ready for whatever the day might bring.

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