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Dojima Eau de Parfum

Dojima Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Mona di Orio. The notes of this fragrance are Rice accord, nutmeg absolute, ambrette, jasmine, orris, clary sage absolute, labdanum CO2, sandalwood, precious musks


Dõjima opens with a delicious almond-like sweetness, which is intriguingly countered by a crisp and aromatic clary sage, setting the stage for a truly unusual scent. Tranquil and unique, Dõjima is named for the Dojima Rice Exchange founded by Samurai in 1697, in Osaka, Japan and is a meditation on the perfect beauty of a grain of rice. A rice accord gives this fragrance its intriguing, hard-to- place quality ? the subtle, milky warmth of steamed white rice is an undercurrent to a soothing cloud of rice powder laced with jasmine and orris. The deep sweetness of amber with a dash of nutmeg provides a rich and mellow base. An unexpected blend of edible and powdery notes that is both mysterious and comforting. A recipe to soothe the soul.

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