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Milky Musk Eau de Parfum

Milky Musk Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Parle Moi de Parfum. The notes of this fragrance are Sandalwood, musk, fig

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In the late 1990’s and under the direction of Tom Ford, Michel Almairac created one of the most iconic perfumes of the 20th century: Gucci Rush. A massive lactonic peach with a voice like a foghorn, it wore like the tightest, shiniest red vinyl dress ever created. Now twenty years later, Michel picks up the reins again to create a softer, muskier version that explores the same theme of milk and fruit, but this time with an indoors voice.
Milky Musk first melts a leafy-green, coconutty fig down into a pool of warm, creamy sandalwood and wraps it all in a cloudy, milky musk that feels like cashmere. Soft and vaporous, it shifts around the body like a second skin as the wearer moves. Over time, the musk parts to reveal the bitterness of fruit skin, giving the creamy lactones an adult bite. Imagine a slimmed-down Rush, grown soft and husky with age, and you’re in the right ballpark. It’s adorable.

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