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Naias Extrait de Parfum

Naias Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Sammarco. The notes of this fragrance are Violet, rose, jasmine, osmanthus, neroli, iris, sandalwood, apple, pear, cassis, mandarin, amber


Sammarco plays once more with classical and modern perfume styles in this beautifully original, playful fruity floral that caught our attention from the very first sniff with a bright, explosively tart, lip-smacking green apple note. It’s lightly sweetened with pear juice and neroli, then poured over jammy red roses, violets, green violet leaf, and a vintage-style accord of lightly powdered iris and lipstick-smelling orris. The vintage elements slowly give way to a very modern darkness, thanks to smoky osmanthus leather that’s been coated in amber resins, layered with buttery sandalwood, and licked by a touch of animalic muskiness.
As it develops further, Naias turns into a chameleon, its soft notes weaving and dancing in the air, frequently changing, sometimes rippling out as a fruity floral leather, sometimes as a creamy irisy woody musk with amber, abstract flowers, tangy fruits, and powder woven in. It eventually finishes as a cashmere soft mix of caramel-scented amber, plush woods, and powdered sweetness.
We love Naias for its seamless layering of contrasting elements and its effortless mix of genres– but it’s also a lot of fun and easy to wear– we bet you’ll enjoy Naias as much as we do!

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