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Nomad Tea Eau de Toilette

Nomad Tea Eau de Toilette is a fragrance by Comme des Garcons: Olfactory Library. The notes of this fragrance are Wild mint, artemisia, geranium leaf, burmese green tea leaves, white sugar, smoked woody notes


Chilled green tea, a lump of sugar and a sprig of wild mint, Nomad Tea is absolute perfection for tea lovers. We even pick up a little burst of fresh sourness??like a crisp lemon had been used to garnish. This one is so good we could barely contain ourselves from clapping with glee??it’s fresh and refreshing, brisk and subtle, charming and tart. Add a touch of dry hay (Artemisia) and woody notes for depth, and you’ll discovered one of the most versatile, wearable, natural smelling tea fragrances ever!

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