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Sequoia Eau de Toilette

Sequoia Eau de Toilette is a fragrance by Comme des Garcons: Olfactory Library. The notes of this fragrance are California redwood, red rum, opopanax, kara-karounde from Guinea, Chinese agarwood, mahogany


Comme des Garcons wasn’t going for the ‘mood’ of an ancient forest; they were going for the exact scent of the most massive trees ever to inhabit the earth. Evocative and the most unusual of the Red series, Sequoia is a majestic and powerful king (or queen)-of-the-wood fragrance; we smell a touch of moss, tempered by the mystical kara-karounde, a jasmine-like ingredient used in the Congo for fertility spells (hey, don’t blame us if things get out of hand). You don’t need to sneak into Yosemite and smell the fresh, exposed redwood as you carve your name in a Giant Sequoia – that’ll just get you arrested. All you need is a whiff of CdG’s Sequoia – all the smell and none of the jail time.

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