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The Uncompromising Sohan Eau de Parfum

The Uncompromising Sohan Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Penhaligons. The notes of this fragrance are Rosebud, pink pepper, saffron, labdanum, vetiver, sandalwood, Laos oud


Ambitious, intelligent and astute, Sohan has worked diligently with flair and talent to establish himself in the world of affairs. Although he may be uncompromising in his drive, he certainly knows how to transform his business relationships into amicable ties; Lord George and Lady Blanche are always thrilled to welcome a well-traveled, worldly guest.
His fragrance is that of a thoroughly unfamiliar rose ? a rose with oversized thorns. A juicy, tangy rose that knows nothing of coy discretion, for it is paired with a powerful, yet refined oud that knows when to charge onward. But ever the diplomat, Sohan’s oud knows how to charm and negotiate between his Middle Eastern associates and the Western palate, with the perfect amount of musky vetiver to ground the whole discussion. The gifts of pink pepper and saffron don’t hurt, nor does the smoothing effect of creamy sandalwood. The Uncompromising Sohan makes a confident, distinctive statement with ease and elegance.

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