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This is Him! No Rules Zadig & Voltaire

This is Him! No Rules Zadig & Voltaire is a 2019 Woody Aromatic Cologne by Zadig & Voltaire for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Grapefruit. Middle notes are Vanilla. Base notes are Sandalwood.

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Zadig & Voltaire 2019 Capsule Edition

Fully in line with the world of luxury, it preserves an indisputable element of elegance while addressing a young generation, infinitely trendy and endowed with rock ‘n’ roll ambitions. A true best-seller of the brand, it is now back in the spotlight and takes on a whole new form. This Is Him! No Rules dresses its bottle with a new military design, and enriches its unctuous breath with a lively and refined freshness.

This Is Him! No Rules, a contrasting and elegant recipe

Let’s start with the recipe for This Is Him! No Rules by Zadig & amp; Voltaire. If this is indeed a new fragrance, note that this composition incorporates the flagship ingredients of the range, namely a heart of vanilla and incense, raw materials both warm and mysterious, known to bring sensuality to the juices that contain it. Around these elements are articulated many other flavors. This Is Him! No Rules by Zadig & amp; Voltaire starts off with fresh top notes, playing grapefruit in overdose for a very sparkling side. Lemon further reinforces the dynamism of This Is Him! No Rules, while the black pepper makes the whole more incandescent and fiery. Its heart is then more aromatic. This Is Him! No Rules combines the floral elegance of geranium with the Mediterranean scent of lavender. Finally, This Is Him! No Rules ends with a base of sandalwood, whose milky smoothness is enhanced by the masculine presence of cedar. More than ever, This Is Him! No Rules is a new olfactory adventure for all of today’s rebellious and rock ‘n’ roll gentlemen.

The Zadig & amp; Voltaire bottle is dressed in a military trellis

Therefore, a bottle was needed to match the ambitions of This Is Him! No Rules. If the bottle of this perfume is not diametrically opposed to that of its predecessors, it has nevertheless been reinterpreted by the Penninghen school, a Parisian institution specializing in artistic direction and interior architecture. The bottle of This Is Him! No Rules always retains its three perfectly smooth sides, combined with a rougher side, as if cut directly from a block of glass using pliers. This gives This Is Him! No Rules look more natural and rebellious. The opaque black of the past has also disappeared in favor of a transparent green decorated with a military fatigues. Of course, this motif was not chosen at random. Infinitely trendy, it has a universal scope and immediately gives an image of strength and courage. The whole is surmounted by a coppery metallic cap, both natural and refined. With This Is Him! No Rules, everything is a question of balance, between strength and softness, power and restraint.

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