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Victrix Eau de Parfum

Victrix Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Profumum. The notes of this fragrance are Pink pepper, vetiver, laurel, coriander, musk


An uplifting scent as crisp and refreshing as a cool wind whipping across an open field. The scintillating pink pepper opening is tamed with earthy vetiver, green laurel and fresh musk for a blend that speaks of broad stretches of undeveloped land and impossibly clean skies. Victrix has an elemental quality: a tingling spiciness that feels like a storm far off on the horizon; the mysterious dark, piny scent of a forest where no tree has ever been cut; the rough coolness of stark expanses of earth and stone. Named for a legion of Ancient Rome, this has a nobility and strength that speaks to another time, but the insistent bite of pepper keeps this thoroughly modern and completely compelling. Commanding and masculine.

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