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Stars Wars – Jedi perfume

Stars Wars perfume Jedi
Stars Wars perfume Jedi

Whether or not you are fans of the Star Wars saga, you could not escape this phenomenon.

Indeed, since the release of the last episode, in 2015, the film has interfered in our daily lives from all sides. In addition, many derivative products have emerged. You can now brush your teeth with a red lightsaber or write on Darth Vader’s letterhead. Even the clementine sachets are adorned with the head of the most famous villain on the planet! Moreover, this phenomenon is not to displease the director George Lucas who thus amassed the tidy sum of 2 billion dollars of receipts just with these commercial products! Also, the phenomenon now seems to extend to the perfume department. Fans will be delighted to be able to wear the brand new Star Wars perfume named Jedi.

Values ​​of a Jedi

Before being simple warriors in charge of maintaining peace in the galaxy, the Jedi are philosophers endowed with supernatural powers and conveying strong messages. The latter are, in this case, recognizable by their famous lightsabers. Becoming a Jedi takes a deep commitment. Indeed, the life of a Jedi is a life of sacrifice in the service of others. Thus, this perfume reveals to us the image of a generous man and ready to do anything to accomplish his task. Strength is also considered to be the watchword of the Jedi. Far beyond physical strength, it is rather a state of mind and a form of spirituality. Thus, the Jedi perfume seems to blow a wind of dynamism and vitality in everyday life. It inspires the wearer with the courage to face life. As Master Yoda explains, “A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. This one for a very long time I observe it and all its life, it looked towards the future, towards the horizon. Never mind where it was. Jedi is therefore an authentic perfume, turned towards the future and the great outdoors, concerned with making the wearer an actor in their daily life.

The aquatic scent of Star Wars perfume

Jedi therefore results in an aquatic and aromatic smell. This perfume for men contains in particular pink pepper. This spice gives a particularly cheeky character to this essence. Nevertheless, it is softened by the presence of water lily. Sandalwood, for its part, deposits its milky and creamy smoothness on the whole. Finally, Jedi ends with an intense and sensual virility emanating from musk. On the design side, it is contained in a cylindrical bottle with a particularly avant-garde look. This one is similar to a futuristic robot from the Star Wars saga. Designed entirely in an opaque silver metal, it is encircled by a blue steel ring on which is affixed the word Star Wars in a typeface typical of the film. Likewise, the cardboard packaging of this perfume is part of the same universe,


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