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The different Clarins loose powders

Clarins initially designated, in 1954, a simple beauty institute installed in the rue Tronchet, in Paris. Then, little by little, the brand developed its own range of treatments. Today, this small company has become a real giant in cosmetics. Clarins is the number one luxury beauty product in the world. Each of its formulas incorporates natural active ingredients that are beneficial for your skin surface. Thus, Clarins loose powders are not left out and take care of your skin day after day.

Skin Illusion Powder Foundation

Skin Illusion Powder Foundation
Skin Illusion Powder Foundation

Skin Illusion Powder Foundation, a hybrid product

Skin Illusion Powder Foundation, as its name suggests, is unlike any other loose powder. Indeed, it takes the form of a real foundation. Therefore, it doesn’t just serve as the last step in your makeup and combines two products into one formula. Its airy texture is very popular with consumers. The Skin Illusion Powder Foundation conceals all your small imperfections while letting your face breathe.

Skin Illusion Powder Foundation, the illusion of a perfect complexion

The Skin Illusion Powder Foundation immediately makes the skin brighter. What is more, it is enriched with small beads invisible to the naked eye which slip into the furrows of the skin. Hence, it is ideal for erasing all fine lines. All that remains is a silky film on your face which perfectly matches the shapes of your skin surface.

Clarins Multi-Radiance Powder

Clarins Multi-Radiance Powder
Clarins Multi-Radiance Powder

The velvety finish of Multi-Eclat Powder

The Multi-Eclat Powder comes in a small rounded box, in an aerial form. You just have to take a small amount with a large brush and pat your face with it. Immediately, your makeup becomes fresher and more radiant. The Multi-Eclat Powder leaves a velvety and transparent veil on your skin. What’s more, the Multi-Radiance Powder preserves the mattness of your face.

Multi-Radiance Powder to take care of your skin

Clarins Multi-Radiance Powder also protects your skin from dehydration. Thus, day by day, your skin becomes more radiant, even naturally. Its comfort and flexibility are also preserved throughout the day to harmonize best with your natural skin tone, the Multi-Eclat Powder is available in three different colors.

Loose powder, also known as mineral powder, has a whole bunch of benefits. You will understand, it is not only used to fix makeup but also improves the appearance of your skin. Very effective in limiting areas of shine, it greatly promotes the hold of foundation, eye shadow, blush or lipstick. What is more, the loose powders from Clarins also benefit from all the expertise of the world leader in beauty. So, don’t wait any longer to offer the best of cosmetics to your skin.


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