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The different Guerlain Eye Shadows

If the Guerlain house now belongs to the large group LVMH, it is initially a family business which has seen several generations of perfumers succeed one another. Today, Guerlain shines around the world through its perfumes, but also through its cosmetic products and make-up items. Each of them contains exceptional ingredients and also has a strong emotional impact. Like all of Guerlain’s references, the brand’s eye shadows are loaded with sensuality and have only one ambition: to sublimate feminine beauty.

The Box 1 Color by Guerlain

The Box 1 Color by Guerlain
The Box 1 Color by Guerlain

L’Ecrin 1 Couleur, a mono eyeshadow

The Ecrin 1 Couleur de Guerlain is both everything that is simpler in terms of eye makeup, and also everything that is more accomplished. This is a small makeup palette containing a single eye shadow, simply combined with a double-ended applicator. Easy to adopt on a daily basis, L’Ecrin 1 Couleur gives free rein to all your desires.

L’Ecrin 1 Couleur de Guerlain, a matte or metallic eye shadow

L’Ecrin 1 Couleur benefits from all of Guerlain’s know-how and is available in two different finishes: matte or metallic. This makeup powder contains pigments coated in a gel, which allows it to adhere to the eyelid throughout the day, without risk of transfer. The colors contained in this case can be used alone and simply blurred, or associated with other shades to create more nuanced gradations.


The Guerlain 5-Color Palette

The Guerlain 5-Color Palette
The Guerlain 5-Color Palette

The Guerlain 5-Color Palette, for a tailor-made look

The Guerlain 5 Colors Palette offers a harmony of five different eye shadows. Thus, it allows to create a makeup without any false note. The 5 Colors Palette is ideally designed to allow you to achieve looks ranging from the most natural to the most smoky. Two applicators are also provided to facilitate the application of these powders.

The different powders contained in the 5 Colors Palette

The 5 Colors Palette contains in its case a base that illuminates and unifies the look. Two other more nude colors serve to bring radiance to your face. Two charcoal shades amplify the depth of your gaze and create a smoky style. Each powder is then compacted with the greatest care, containing mat, satin or metallic pigments.


Between the world of skincare and that of Guerlain’s make-up, there is often only one step. Thus, the brand’s eye shadows are enriched with beneficial ingredients. The Guerlain house excels in the art of make-up and produces many creations dedicated to the beauty of its customers. Its eye shadows thus evolve from year to year, perfecting themselves according to technical advances, research and trends. To this day, Guerlain products are acclaimed by the biggest stars of the planet, as evidenced by the many female muses of the brand.


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