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The different Lancôme Lipsticks

“I had the opportunity to see that the French counted less and less in the field of beauty products,” said Armand Petitjean, founder of the Lancôme house . Two American companies had taken control of the world market. I thought that a French house had to join the ranks. This is how he fashioned what would become today one of the biggest brands of beauty and femininity in the world. To perfect the beauty of women ever more, Lancôme also develops make-up products from which many lipsticks are produced.

Lancôme’s Absolu Rouge

Lancôme's Absolu Rouge
Lancôme‘s Absolu Rouge

Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Satin

Lancôme’s Absolu Rouge is a must-have for the brand when it comes to makeup. Initially, it is delivered in a satin version and draws on the mouth a luminous rendering with an intense color. Presented in a black and gold case, it conceals timeless shades designed for all skin tones and all tastes. Lancôme’s Absolu Rouge satiné is also enriched with a care formula that hydrates your skin for 6 hours and plumps the lips.

The matte finish of L’Absolu Rouge by Lancôme

However, to respond to the latest trends, L’Absolu Rouge by Lancôme is now available in a new, more matte and deep texture. Similar to velvet, this lipstick reveals captivating colors while preserving your smile from aggressions related to your environment. Here again, L’Absolu Rouge Mat by Lancôme softens and plumps your mouth over the long term.

Lancôme Rouge In Love

Lancôme Rouge In Love
Lancôme Rouge In Love

The many colors of Rouge In Love by Lancôme

Lancôme’s Rouge In Love, meanwhile, comes in a silver tube and includes a large collection of 32 different colors. These range from the most natural to the most sophisticated. So you’ll have no trouble matching your lipstick with your mood. All these aerial colors contain many colored pigments associated with a soft and pleasant texture. What’s more, the Rouge In Love by Lancôme has an exceptional 6-hour hold.

The nutritional formula of Rouge In Love

Rouge In Love also takes care of your smile on an ongoing basis. Its non-drying formula preserves the comfort of your mouth throughout the day. To apply this lipstick, we recommend that you use a brush, an essential accessory to obtain a rendering worthy of a professional.

Lancôme’s Shine Lover

Lancôme's Shine Lover
Lancôme’s Shine Lover

Lancôme’s Shine Lover to shine brightly

Lancôme’s Shine Lover displays the most flamboyant and radiant color there is. It comes in a wide palette of fresh and vibrant hues. The many pigments incorporated into its formula illuminate the face in a simple swipe. With him, everything is a question of freshness. Translucent mother-of-pearl reflect the light and catch the eye.

Satin oils incorporated into the Shine Lover

The Shine Lover Lancôme also contains satin oils that capture the light and improve the ease of use of this lipstick. Thus, the Shine Lover would almost resemble a melting balm. Very comfortable, it ensures continuous hydration of your mouth for 8 hours. Your smile thus becomes more beautiful and softer over time.

The Matte Shaker by Lancôme

The Matte Shaker by Lancôme
The Matte Shaker by Lancôme

The unique applicator of the Lancôme Matte Shaker

The Lancôme Matte Shaker comes in a unique cushion applicator. Equipped with a small pad, it soaks up the right dose of lipstick and then spreads over the lips with disconcerting ease. The Matte Shaker is a kind of emulsion. Thus, it is essential to shake it before each use, to diffuse its many colored pigments uniformly in its formula. From then on, he delivers all his power.

Optimal coverage of the Matte Shaker

Le Matte Shaker de Lancôme est enrichi de polymères filmogènes qui assurent une tenue extrême et une couleur optimale durant des heures. Décliné dans 7 coloris différents, le Matte Shaker de Lancôme révèle ses nuances audacieuses dans la durée et est garanti sans aucun transfert. Sa formule innovante est particulièrement fine et intense. Le Matte Shaker ose des couleurs mates et très pigmentées.

Si Lancôme est le fruit d’un homme visionnaire, elle n’a rien perdu de son avant-gardisme d’autrefois. Ainsi, les rouges à lèvres de Lancôme ne cessent d’évoluer au gré des saisons, des tendances et des avancées scientifiques. Chacun d’eux intègre à la fois des couleurs flamboyantes mais aussi des formules qui prennent soin de vos lèvres jour après jour. Les rouges à lèvres de Lancôme sont devenus des accessoires indispensables de la beauté d’aujourd’hui, des must-have pour sublimer l’un des plus beaux attributs de féminité : le sourire.


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