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The latest satin eye shadow from Clarins

The latest satin eye shadow from Clarins
The latest satin eye shadow from Clarins

L’Ombre à Paupière Satinée, the new highly pigmented make-up from Clarins

Clarins is renowned the world over for its unrivaled expertise in skin care. Over the decades, the brand has acquired extraordinary experience in the use of plants. At the same time, Clarins has also developed a large make-up sector, which continues to improve in line with discoveries and trends. In each of its eye shadow formulas , Clarins takes care to interweave these two worlds. Thus, the brand’s make-up is always concerned with the well-being of your skin. The new Satin Eye Shadow is no exception to the rule and preserves your beauty while adding extra color to your eyes

The satin texture of L’Ombre à Paupière by Clarins

Clarins Eye Shadow Satinée is an eyeshadow very loaded with pigments. Thus, this make-up product delivers an explosive color which adheres perfectly to the eyelid and which holds throughout the day. This is the ideal product to add a touch of cheerfulness to your makeup. Fully in line with current trends, the Satin Eye Shadow dares a light mirror shine without overdoing it.

Pearls are integrated into its formula to capture the surrounding light and deposit it on your eyes. Immediately, it seems more awake and more dazzling. To give free rein to all your desires, the Satin Eyeshadow is available in six different colors, ranging from beige to pink, including brown, blue, emerald green or brown. Therefore, the Satin Eyeshadow allows you to draw a discreet or more extravagant look, according to your desires or the circumstances.

The creamy smoothness of Satin Eyeshadow

The Satin Eye Shadow has a very comfortable texture, halfway between cream and gel. If it is known to be more complicated to apply than powder eyeshadows, at Clarins, it is not! The Satin Eyeshadow is simply applied with your fingertips and fades with light taps. It gives you intuitive use and perfect makeup in just a few minutes. What’s more, as it is an oil-laden cream, Clarins Satin Eyeshadow maintains all the comfort of your gaze.

It does not irritate the epidermis and preserves the quantity of lipids sufficient for the well-being of your skin. Benefiting from all of Clarins’ cosmetic expertise, the Satin Eyeshadow takes care of your epidermis continuously and makes your eyelid smoother and more supple every day. As a result, your skin is easier to put on makeup and the eye shadow you apply on it adheres better to its surface. Thus, the Satin Eyeshadow guarantees you a make-up with flawless hold.


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