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HomeThe new seductive breath: Euphoria Blush by Calvin Klein

The new seductive breath: Euphoria Blush by Calvin Klein

The new seductive breath: Euphoria Blush by Calvin Klein
The new seductive breath: Euphoria Blush by Calvin Klein

Euphoria Blush, a sensual breath of freshness comes to Calvin Klein

In 2005, the house of Calvin Klein offered us a fascinating new experience by creating the fragrance Euphoria . Surprising, both for its fruity and complex scent and for its futuristic design, this perfume did not take long to conquer the hearts of the public. “Inspired by the freedom to live your dream”, it delivered a universal message, which immediately allowed it to rank among the most popular perfumes of women. Year after year, Euphoria offers itself new faces and reinvents itself in new fragrances. After Euphoria Amber Gold of 2018, Calvin Klein invites us to discover his new creation, even more feminine than before. Focus on Euphoria Blush, an upcoming edition for the month of February 2020.

Euphoria Blush, a moment of pure pleasure

Euphoria is described as “an intense feeling of well-being and optimism”. However, this is precisely what Calvin Klein wanted to portray in the Euphoria Blush perfume. With him, all is pleasure and caress. Euphoria Blush is a concentrate of sweetness that invites you to see life in pink, as suggested by the pretty color of its bottle. For this, Euphoria Blush is banking on the current trend of sensual and fresh fragrances. It plunges us into the intimacy of women and encourages the woman who carries it to think above all about her own happiness.

Euphoria Blush, a very seductive floral and fruity breath

Euphoria Blush by Calvin Klein was designed by two perfumers, namely Jean-Marc Chaillan and Yves Cassar. Both describe their creation as “a floral, fruity, fresh and intoxicating scent, with sensual undertones in the background”. Euphoria Blush by Calvin Klein begins with a fruity, refreshing and slightly bitter treat. For this, it combines three main ingredients: raspberry, blackberry and tangerine. Thus, the gluttony of summer red fruits collides with the intense freshness of a typically winter citrus fruit. Then, Euphoria Blush turns to a more poetic and feminine heart. The latter contains the traditional rose and jasmine of female perfumery, as well as orchid, a richer and more subtle ingredient. The whole ends with some woody notes associated with white amber.

The design and futuristic bottle of Euphoria Blush

Like the entire Euphoria collection by Calvin Klein (whose Euphoria fragrance is now available in a box ), Euphoria Blush comes in a very design container. Created by Calvin Klein himself, in collaboration with designer Fabien Baron, this container has astonishing lines. In reality, it is inspired by an orchid in full bloom, enough to evoke the scent of the perfume it contains. The amethyst color of the first Euphoria has given way to a softer pink, similar to that of a blush. The transparency of its glass faces a silver and rectangular cap. Here, this bottle echoes the highly architectural and designer universe of Calvin Klein.


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