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The playful novelty, 1 Million Edition Pac-Man by Paco Rabanne

The playful novelty, 1 Million Edition Pac-Man by Paco Rabanne
The playful novelty, 1 Million Edition Pac-Man by Paco Rabanne

1 Million Edition Pac-Man by Paco Rabanne, when perfume collectors get into gaming!

Before being a great couturier, Paco Rabanne is above all a talented designer from an architecture school. Thus, he always had a deep attachment to materials. Infinitely daring, Paco Rabanne has even frequently incorporated them into his fashion creations. He made gold one of his favorite materials, so he also decided to take inspiration from it to make a perfume. This is how the men’s fragrance 1 Million by Paco Rabanne was born in 2008. Presented in an ingot, it did not fail to surprise, but the success was immediate! Today, as if to put this perfume back on the front of the stage, Paco Rabanne has decided to reinvent it in a limited edition. Focus on 1 Million Edition Pac-Man.

Pac-Man and 1 Million, an unexpected alliance

It very often happens to the world of perfumery to draw inspiration from other sectors of activity to dazzle us with the creation of new essences. However, a marriage between the world of video games and that of perfumes had never been attempted before! Paco Rabanne has decided to take up this crazy bet, while embellishing his new limited edition with a touch of retro. Initially, the perfume 1 Million by Paco Rabannewas intended for a high-roller man, evolving in a glamorous and luxurious atmosphere. Very charismatic, he seems to be able to achieve everything with a simple snap of his fingers, without lacking in self-mockery and humor. However, it seems that this time it is chosen to abandon its very bling-bling side in favor of a more childish context. This is how 1 Million Edition Pac-Man was born.

The new flashy and retro packaging of Paco Rabanne

As always, 1 Million Edition Pac-Man is offered to us in an ingot-shaped bottle. However, the small figure of Pac-Man is now very present on its new packaging. As a reminder, Pac-Man made its appearance in the 80s and is characterized by a cylindrical silhouette, constantly seen in profile. Pac-Man moves through a maze and aims to collect as many pac-gums as possible without getting caught by ghosts. Here, it moves on the walls of 1 Million, and the pac-gums have also taken on their most flashy appearance for the occasion. The whole of this new visual is available in a golden color. What’s more, a small flash code proudly sits on the front of this packaging, allowing anyone to play the traditional Pac-Man game online.

1 Million Edition Pac-Man, an oriental and fruity fragrance

If the new visual of 1 Million Edition Pac-Man has something to seduce fans of video games and collectors, note that the fragrance of Paco Rabanne remains unchanged. Thus, it is a fruity and oriental fragrance, associating the freshness of citrus fruits with a more floral and spicy heart. Its base, for its part, becomes more woody, virile and leathery.


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