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Ultratime redensifying cream: Annayake anti-wrinkle

Ultratime redensifying cream: Annayake anti-wrinkle
Ultratime redensifying cream: Annayake anti-wrinkle

Ultratime, the redensifying cream from Annayake

Maison Annayake benefits from extraordinary care expertise. Indeed, its story began in 1928 when its founder decided to create a first cream for his wife. His exceptional recipe was quickly noticed, and it was the beginning of a long story. Indeed, the longevity of the Annayake brand is absolutely impressive and its ancestral know-how continues to be perfected over the decades. Today, to preserve your beauty over the long term, Annayake has chosen to make a particularly redensifying anti-aging treatment.

Why do we get wrinkles?

The appearance of wrinkles is a completely natural phenomenon. But do you really know why they appear? In reality, they are the result of a mechanical effect. Our skin is made up of elastin and collagen. However, the manufacture of these fibers ceases from the age of 10 years. From this moment, your skin tissues already begin to lose their flexibility. When the fibers of the skin break down, it is as if the stitches of a fabric are loosening. As a result, the skin surface becomes more flabby. She relaxes, and fine lines make their first appearances. Wrinkles are kinds of breaks in the skin. Also be aware that certain environmental and behavioral factors can accentuate their presence. Thus, the sun, stress, alcohol and tobacco consumption, poor skin cleansing, are all things that have a bad effect on your skin. Repeated muscle contractions in your face also mark some deeper areas. So, if you can’t do anything about what is genetically programmed for you, know that it is still possible to reduce the effects of time with certain products.Annayake Ultratime is particularly effective in this area.

The power of Annayake Ultratime cream

Ultratime is a treatment that contains a powerful anti-wrinkle: Katrizen. It is a natural active ingredient which limits the biological mechanisms of tissue degradation. In other words, it triggers on each wrinkle a process similar to that of scarring. Ultratime cream helps correct the damage over time. This complete anti-aging treatment helps your skin to regain its youthful qualities. Thus, it creates a supportive mattress under the first layer of your epidermis and gives it greater firmness. At the same time, it repairs wrinkles one by one, the finest or most marked. Kudzu extract, an oriental herbal medicine, restored the synthesis of collagen in your skin. This densifies the supportive mattress of your skin, and helps it regain its former thickness. Since then, your face appears firmer and more toned. Wrinkles are reduced and your skin is more radiant. After only 28 days of use, Ultratime cream offers particularly convincing results. Wrinkles are reduced by 26%, and your face is visibly transformed.


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