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Yves Saint Laurent perfume Vinyl

Yves Saint Laurent perfume Vinyl
Yves Saint Laurent perfume Vinyl

Vinyl, a cult material by Yves Saint-Laurent that has become a perfume

Caftan, Trench, Caban, Tuxedo, Saharienne… These words undoubtedly evoke couture pieces and more particularly major works from the Yves Saint-Laurent house . However, be aware that it is also about perfumes. In fact, in 2015, Yves Saint-Laurent embarked on a new olfactory adventure consisting in reinterpreting his greatest clothes so as to make them very refined perfumes. Also, this collection is now enlarged with three new pieces called Leather , Velvet and Vinyl. So, let’s take a closer look at the vinyl perfume.

Vinyl for Yves Saint-Laurent

Vinyl is a plastic material that is most often likened to records of the same name. Nevertheless, in sewing, it is a material composed of two layers: a woven and elastic base as well as a thin vinyl film giving this fabric a waterproof lacquer and reflector of light. Also, Yves Saint-Laurent has made this material a strong symbol of his brand. Moreover, he has already declined this one in the form of a mascara. Today, therefore, Vinyl is making its appearance again in the most fragrant way possible.

The sensual smell of a vinyl

It is the perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou who is at the origin of the creation of the vinyl perfume. She then thought of it as a sensual, modern and impudent essence. In this case, the elegance of Vinyl shines through the immortal and myrrh. This very oriental aspect is also associated with resinous accords as well as bergamot, anise and pink pepper. Nevertheless, this impertinence is counterbalanced by the warm sensuality of vanilla. The whole thing turns out to be absolutely elegant and daring and is equally suitable for women and men.


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